Tips From SEO Companies To Optimize Website For Bing

When it comes to searches, Google has no competition. Almost anyone with an internet connection uses Google for most of their searches. But all your competitors are also working on Google, making it hard for you to rank on SERPs. That’s why SEO companies in New York consider other search engines like Bing in their strategies.

Why Optimize For Bing?

While Bing sees a minor portion of the global searches, it sees approximately one-fourth of the searches in the US. This factor alone makes it worth investing in for businesses with local audiences. Studies also show better conversion rates on this engine, making it ideal to expand your business.


What About The Google Strategy?

You don’t need to revamp your SEO strategy because Bing and Google use similar ranking factors for the most part. SEO companies in New York can tweak your strategy to account for minor differences in their algorithms and ranking factors.


The key to an effective optimization strategy is to optimize for other search engines without compromising on Google.

SEO Tips For Bing

  • Claim Your Business

Like Google, Bing has a business listing site called Bing Places For Business. Local SEO services in NY register their client’s business here and index their website to help them rank on the SERPs and boost local rankings.


An advantage of registering on this site is that Yahoo uses this listing service to rank websites because Bing powers Yahoo as well. So you don’t have to register on Yahoo’s business listing site separately.

  • Add Tags And Categories To Webpages

Website design companies in NJ use content management systems like WordPress to create websites that also allow them to add categories and meta tags to every webpage rather than just blogs. This can ease the optimization process for you.


You should take advantage of these features by adding relevant categories and meta tags to each webpage so that users looking for your services can find them with ease.

  • Add Keywords To Meta Description

While Google has dismissed meta descriptions as a ranking factor, Bing still looks at them. Adding keywords to meta descriptions may help you rank. It’s why agencies like Red Dash Media continue to add keywords to meta descriptions.


Stay within the 160-character limit and use exact keywords in the description for better rankings. But use them naturally in the main content.

  • Improve Loading Speed

Your website’s loading speed has a direct impact on user-experience, one of the main ranking factors on the search engine. Ask your website design companies in NJ to test your loading speed on Bing as well during the testing phase.


You can improve your loading speed considerably by compressing your images, minifying your CSS and using less Javascript.

  • Invest In Mobile-Friendliness

When Google introduced mobile-friendliness, Bing wasn’t far behind. Some marketers may argue that Bing pays more attention to this factor than Google. So you need to search for website design companies in NJ that specialize in responsive design.


Ensure that your site’s mobile version has large buttons with enough space to make them clickable. Compress your content and codebase to improve your speed. Use the Bing mobile-friendliness test tool before launching the site.

  • Use Exact Keywords In H1 And H2

While Google looks at the context and semantics, Bing still relies on matching exact keywords to the searches. So SEO companies in New York add them to the H1 and H2 tags to help websites rank.


However, adding exact keywords without context can hurt your rank on Google. So it’s best to use them naturally in the content.

  • Write High-Quality Content

Just because Bing looks at exact keyphrases doesn’t mean it doesn’t pay attention to UX. The search engine looks at the content’s quality, so companies like local SEO companies in NY focus on it as well.


The search engine looks at three factors when checking content quality: authority, utility and presentation. So, you need to write trustworthy, useful content and present it well.

  • Make Website Visually Rich

While Google likes websites that use simple HTML codes and texts, Bing prefers aesthetics and end-user functionality. It’s why companies like Red Dash Media create pixel perfect websites. The Microsoft-owned search engine can also read Flash animation well.


While you should still avoid Flash to rank well on Google, you can still work on your website aesthetic and functionality without compromising on the loading speed.

  • Work On Social Media

While Google has repeatedly claimed that social signals are not a direct ranking factor, Bing has confirmed that their engine does look at these signals. It’s why local SEO services in NY also work on building social signals.


You need to identify which platforms suit your brand image and target your consumers to decide which ones to invest in.

These are just some ways you can rank on Bing. Consult SEO services in New York to find better strategies. Remember, the majority of searches are happening on Google so don’t compromise on your Google strategy while implementing your Bing strategy.

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